Vitamins that Help Remove Eye Puffiness and Dark Circles

What Are Under Eye Bags and Eye Puffiness?

Eye puffiness causeAs we age, Aging causes the muscles that support our eye lids and tissue structures get weak. Our skin becomes saggy and the fats that normally around our eye area moves to the area below your eyes. The lower area of the eye accumulated fluid which makes the under eye area looks swollen or puffy. There are more several factors that can lead to under eye bags and eye puffiness which includes:


What Causes Eye Bags and Eye Puffiness

Fluid retention –  Normal fats which support our eyes get transferred to our lower eye lids, which make the skin under our eyes puffy. When the sensitive thin skin under the eyes has retained excess fluid it can also cause eye bags and puffy eyelids. The retention is due to the excess water or fluids in our body. Fluid retention can be also caused by pregnancy and hormonal variations with menstruation.

Periorbital cellulitis – An infection and inflammation of the parts of the skin that surround the eyes and eyelid.

Crying – Too much crying can cause eye puffiness. Salt from tears may cause retention fluid which can result to the puffy eye under the eye.

Smoking and Alcohols use – Smoking and alcohol can lead to fatigue, stress, and changes in our hormones; These can lead to puffiness around the eyes and fluid retention.

Skin disorders –  Some skin disorders can lead to Eye puffiness, such as dermatitis if the area that is affected becomes sensitive, and can lead to swelling.

Diet – Puffy eyes can be by excessive dietary sodium which encourages fluid retention.


Vitamins for Eye Bags and Eye Puffiness


Vitamin K for Eye Puffiness

Vitamin k for eye puffiness


Vitamin K is the most common vitamins recommended to help reduce discoloration in the eye area and cure eye bags. Sometimes minor body’s blood vessel leaks have a connection with discoloration and under the eye puffiness. Vitamin K helps to repair and prevent the said blood vessel leaks, in this way reduce the eye bags and discoloration.


Vitamin D 

vitamin d for eye bags


Eyes degeneration can occur over time. There are some cases when the eyes become infected, which leads to puffiness over the infected area. Well, Vitamin D can help to prevent this from happening. The benefits healthy eyes will definitely help a lot in making the areas that surround the eyes healthy.


Vitamin E

vitamin e for dark circles under the eyes - Vitamin E

Vitamin E  which belongs to the family of antioxidant, Vitamin E makes your skin tighter around the eyes and helps to reduce the puffiness around it. It doesn’t only focus on the skin under the eyes but also the skin around it. Food like peanuts which is rich in Vitamin E also prevents wrinkles after having eye bags and is good for the eyes and body



Vitamin C

cure for eye puffiness - Vitamin C

Vitamin C is commonly known to boost the immune system, It is also good for reducing discoloration and puffiness in the area around the eye. It likewise helps in the creation of collagen, which can help reduce puffiness by adding a  layer of filling in the thin skin surrounding the eye area.


Vitamin B

Vitamin B help reduce puffiness of the eye


Well known to reduce inflammation, which includes eye puffiness, Vitamin B Complex, is good for our nervous system, and composed of B Vitamins, like folic acid. Vitamin B can help our sense of sight.  Riboflavin which is also known Vitamin B2 prevents itchiness which causes eye puffiness. Vitamin B6 balance the potassium and sodium, which reduce eye puffiness and helps maintains good vision. While Vitamin B12 lower the risk of degeneration of the muscles.


Vitamin A

Best cure for under eye bags

Vitamins that from Beta-Carotene and is an antioxidant. Known to be helpful in preventing sickness and certain health problems. Vitamin A gives your eye surface protection from infections and makes your skin healthy and glowing skin. Vitamin A is also known good for pink eye, glaucoma, & dry eye syndrome.

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