The Ten Benefits of Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine

Benefits of Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine

You most likely have seen a machine with 2 long handles at the cardio area. The Cross trainer is known to various individuals by various names. Some people call it Elliptical Exercise Machine or Elliptical trainer. It’s a static machine that’s simulated walking, running or even slope climbing. The majority of the people use the treadmill, yet the elliptical machine is significantly lighter on the joints while as yet taking into account a decent exercise.


Cross trainer machine for weight loss

What Exactly is an Elliptical Trainer or Cross Trainer?

An elliptical trainer is a machine that incorporates the movements of the treadmill, exercise bike, and stair climber into one without causing too much pressure to your joints which reduce the risk of injuries. In Elliptical Exercise Machine, your legs move in circular motion. Elliptical trainer offers you a low impact cardiovascular exercise that varies from low to high intensity depending on the phase of the workout and the resistance of the user.



Here are the Benefits of the Elliptical Trainer or Cross Trainer

You can perform many types of exercise

elliptical trainer exercise

It allows you to perform a different exercise like walking, climbing stairs, running and jogging at a different level of intensity and resistance. It also allows you to monitor your speed and progress. You can burn more calories depending on the intensity of the exercise



1. You can work out your whole body

cross trainer work out

The elliptical machine allows you to work out both your lower and upper part of your body effectively. When you exercise using cross trainer all of your muscle work, which improves your bone formation and strength and also helps you sleep better. It also burns more calories in a short time span. You can either choose to stand or sit while using it.



2. You’ll get stronger 

Get stronger with elliptical machineThere is a lot of exercise for strengthening our muscles. Using the cross trainer is a great alternative. If you increase the machine resistance you r body will work harder to achieve the target speed. Researchers also suggest that cross trainer can be used in recovery exercise for people who engage in resistance training a lot. It is important that you keep both the heart rate and the resistance relatively low, compared with high-intensity exercises.



3. It only occupies small space

Cross trainer fit

You don’t have to worry where to put your elliptical machine even your home or apartment is small. These machines are designed to easily fit in the corner of your room and some are designed to fit under your table or desk.




4. You can Multitask

Sounds with elliptical machine

Yes, you can watch your favorite TV shows or read your favorite books while exercising. You can do all of that while using the Elliptical machine. The only thing you need to do is set the machine preference depending on your daily routine and it will do its job as you do yours. There are some cross-machine that has speakers and allows you to listen to music or audio book while doing your work out.


5. Lose weight fast 

loose weight using cross trainerThe benefits of the elliptical trainer for losing weight are evident. There’s a lot of people accelerate their weight loss simply by using this machine. Research suggested that using a cross trainer is more preferable rather than some of the alternative machines such as exercise bikes and stair climbers. The elliptical cross trainer is comparable to a treadmill in terms of burning calories. The number of calories burned during work out on this machine depends on the variety of factors, such as the current level of your fitness, gender, and age, but no doubt this is one of the most effective machines to use if you want to lose weight.

6. Increase your aerobic(cardio) capacity

be Stronger with elliptical bike


When you use elliptical for 30 minutes a day, Three to five times a week, your cardio capacity and stamina will increase. You will feel more energetic and alert throughout the day.



7. Exercise safely and prevent injuries

cross trainer protect your jointsSometimes it can be overwhelming if you’re new to the gym. Some of the gym equipment’s are difficult to use. It is not a problem with the elliptical trainer which has a very intuitive design. You can learn the right technique in just a matter of minutes. It is one of the safest workout equipment you can find. A lot of people getting injured when they fall of a treadmill or having an accident in free weights area in the gym. Cross trainer hardly associated with any kind of injuries


8.It enhances your mobility and balance

balance more with elliptical machine

The elliptical machine enhance your mobility and balance, It also helps to regain hip motion gradually, particularly after an ACL injury. There are some hospitals that advice to use the elliptical for this reason. Depending on your injury level, you can easily modify the exercise intensity



9. Protect your joints

cross trainer for jointsCross trainer is designed to protect your joints. Considering the pros and cons of the treadmill versus the cross trainer, It is one of the most important factors. The treadmill workout is considered as a high-impact workout while the cross trainer workout is impact free. That makes cross trainer a good alternative for people who are experiencing joint problems. Because there is almost no pressure applied to your joints, particularly in hip and knee.

10. Machine maintenance is cheap and easy 

cheap elliptical trainerCross Trainer is easy to maintain. It has few moving parts and very minimal impact movement, that’s why you don’t have to worry about it breaking or aging fast. It ensures you long life span. Some of the elliptical trainer offer s lifetime warranty on the frame and twenty years warranty on its motor. There are elliptical trainer  that is available for under $400



We highly recommend the cross trainer for people who want to lose weight or people who have a knee problem.  It does no damage to the knees and helps you lose weight fast. II am sure you will like it. Once you already use one you will love it.

Here are some of  the Cross Trainer under $400 that you might wanna check:

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

ProForm Hybrid Elliptical TrainerThe Proform Hybrid Trainer is a very affordable elliptical trainer. With 16 workout apps already loaded in the machine and you can start your workout by just pressing start. It has 16 resistance levels which take you from beginner to advance. You can choose either a total toning elliptical or a cardio recumbent bike.

 Proform Dimensions:

  • Height – 46.6 inches
  • Length – 25. inches
  • Width – 18 inches
  • Weight – 116.8 pounds


 Proform Features:ProForm Hybrid Cross Trainer

  • Large LCD display
  • 16 digital resistance level
  • Transport wheel
  • 350 pounds weight capacity
  • Adjustable pedals, target pacer, inertia-enhanced flywheel
  • 15 inches elliptical stride
  • 5 years warranty on the frame and 90 days warranty on labor and parts

Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical TrainerFitness Reality E5500XX Magnetic elliptical trainer is a budget friendly elliptical machine that gives you all workout you need. It has a built-in smart computer and a heart pulse sensor that monitor your RPM, time, distance, burned calories, pulse, and heart rate. The E5500XL has a very slim and compact design which made it easy to transport. It has a 3 piece cranking system for good performance and continuous momentum.

Fitness Reality E5500XX Dimensions:

  • Height – 66 inches
  • Length – 57.5 inches
  • Width – 24 inches
  • Weight – 93 pounds

Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Cross Trainer

Fitness Reality E5500XX Features:

  • 18 inches elliptical stride
  • Have 24 levels of magnetic tension resistance
  • Double transmission system
  • 3 workout goal setting to chose from (Distance, calories burned and time)
  • 21 preset workout program
  • Large LCD display
  • Slim and compact design
  • Heart pulse sensor to monitor heart rate
  • Leg stabilizer and large stride pedal

Body Champ 2-in-1 Cardio Dual Trainer

 Body Champ 2-in-1 Cardio elliptical machineBody Champ is a two in one exercise machine. It offers you both elliptical machine and a stationary bike in one. It has a gel style cushion for comfort and ergonomic friendly stride range.  With its compact design, it doesn’t consume a lot of space without compromising safety and quality.

Body Champ 2-in-1 Cardio Dual Trainer Dimensions:

  • Height – 66 inches
  • Length – 52 inches
  • Width – 30 inches
  • Weight – 77.2 pounds


 Body Champ 2-in-1 Cardio Dual TrainerProduct Features:

  • 250 pounds capacity
  • Advance programmable magnetic resistance system
  • 17 preset workout to choose from
  • LCD display
  • Monitor heart rate function
  • Dual action handlebars
  • Built-in front roller
  • Comfortable design


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