Sleep Better Every Night with these Tips

Sleep Better Every Night with these Tips

There a lot of benefits if you get better sleep. Sleeping better give you more energy, improves your immune system,  better mood and prevent aging problems like eye bags and hair loss.While we were sleeping our body repair itself so that when we wake up our body is refreshed and renewed. Here are some tips to help you sleep better.



Tips that will help you Sleep Better

1. Quit Smoking

Stop smoking to sleep Better

The reason is cigarettes contains nicotine which is a stimulant that can prevent you to fall sleep. According to the study, smokers get less sleep than nonsmokers. Smoking infuriates sleep apnea and breathing disorders which can prevent you from getting a good night sleep.




2. Reduce Caffeine intake

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Caffeine can be found in cola tea and coffee which is a stimulant. It can take 8 hours before it moves out of your system. Meaning if you had a coffee after your dinner, it may stop your brain to enter deep sleep or prevent you from falling asleep.



3. Stay Cool to Sleep Better

sleep better naturallyThe recommended temperature for your bedroom is 65° to 75°F. But you must pay attention on how you feel under the cover. Sleeping on cool sheets will help you trigger body temperature drop. That will give signals to your body that it needs to produce more melatonin. It is also a good idea that you take a hot shower or a warm bath before going to sleep. It will temporarily make your temperature rise and gradually lower in the cooler air making your body fall asleep quickly.



4. Pillow Position

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Pillows keep your neck and spine straight and avoid cramps and tension which can prevent you to fall sleep. Your neck and head must be aligned when in starting sleeping position. To sleep better your neck must not be raised or flexed back.


5. Eliminate Light Sources

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Light give powerful signals to the brain to stay awake. The glow from our smart phone, laptop, iPod, and any light source at night can pass through our retinas and eye lids into our hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is the part of our brain that controls our sleep. This prevents our brain to produce melatonin-a hormone that helps us sleep.Which means the darker our room, the better we sleep.


6. Breathe Deeply

Breathing deeply will reduce heart rate and blood pressure, relaxes body and releases endorphins which help you to sleep better at night naturally. Inhale for five(5) seconds then pause for three(3) and then exhale in the count of five(5). Repeat for 8 to 15 times.



7. Cheese and cracker

eat to sleep


These are food for good sleep. This two contains calcium, carbohydrates, and protein which contain amino acid tryptophan. Studies show that these boost production of serotonin which is a natural brain chemical that helps you sleep better nad




8. Exercise

Exercise to fall asleep

We all know exercise like special cardio improve the quality and length of your sleep. 30 minutes of exercise elevates our body temperature for 4 hours, preventing sleep. Wehe our body starts cooling down, it signals our brain to produce melatonin that helps us fall asleep.



9. Review Medications

medication to sleep


Some medication to treat blood pressure contains Beta-blockers which can cause insomnia and so as anti depressants(SSRIs). List your supplements and medications and let your doctor evaluate how can it affect your sleep.



10. White Noise

Sleeping better white noise



These machines produce low-level noise that is soothing to your ears. It will help tuning out TV downstairs, barking dogs and any disturbances and help you sleep better.