How to Remove Eyebags

Water and salt cure for dark circles

How to Remove Eye Bags

How to remove eye bags permanentlyDoes eye bags give you problems? Well, you’re in the right spot. Because here you will learn some quick tips and solutions for your under eye bags and those puffy eyes. I will teach you about some home remedy, and tips on how to remove eye bags.However, the remedies will take time before it shows results. But, you must keep your patience if you’re up to the challenge! I will also share you permanent solutions for your eye bags and eye puffiness.Home remedies that will make your eye bags gone forever.

Tips and Home Remedies for Eye Bags

Tea Bags to Remove Eye Bags

Tea bag for eye bags and dark circles



Tea is not only good for the health and hair loss. It is also good for your eye bags too.The tea bag can be used as a remedy for your eye puffiness. Here’s how:



  • Get a bowl and put cold water in it.
  • Then dip the tea bags in the bowl then take them out.
  • Squeeze the tea bags to remove excess water
  • Close your eyes and lie down
  • Place the tea bags in your eyes. You can use black tea, green tea or any tea bags. The caffeine from the tea helps compress blood vessels and helps lessen swelling of the skin around the eyes while the anti-irritants from the tea reduce inflammation and redness.
  • Leave the tea bags on your eyes and change the tea bags when it attains normal temperature
  • Dip it again in the bowl with cold water
  • Repeat these steps for 20-30 minutes.


How to Remove Eye Bags Using Spoon

dark circles under the eyes



Spoons are not only used for eating and cooking,  Spoons are also very effective and fast remedy to make your eye bags disappear. You just need to cool off the spoons, close your eyes and place the cold spoons with curved side down on your closed eyes. There are various ways, however, to make your magic spoon cold:



  • Put a lot of ice cubes in a bowl filled with water
  • Place spoons on the bowl(4 spoons)
  • When the spoons are cold enough take out two spoons.
  • Now place these two spoons on your eyes.
  • When the temperature of the spoon becomes normal, put them again in the cold water’s bowl
  • Then get the other two spoons and place it again in your eyes
  • Repeat the process until your eye puffiness is gone.


Egg White for Tighten your Eye Skin

Egg white to reduce puffy eyes


Eye bags look much larger than what they are if the skin under the eyes swells. But you can use egg white for this. The secret of this remedy is making your skin tight. Here’s how to remove eye bags using egg white:




  • Get 2-3 pieces of eggs
  •  Separate the egg white in a bowl.
  • Beat the egg white till it becomes stiff
  • Get a brush or you can use your finger
  • Apply the egg white to the skin around the eyes.
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes until it dries.
  • Then wash your face using cold water.


Pamper Your Eyes with Potatoes



Use can use potatoes as a substitute for cucumber on how to remove eye bags. Potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties which are a popular vegetable and makes it a good remedy to reduce under eye puffiness.There are various ways to use potatoes to diminish your eye bags.



  • Keep the potato in the fridge overnight
  • Get a potato and cut into round slices
  • Place the slices on your eyes.
  • Let them sit for 10-20 minutes and wash your face with cold water.
  • Get two potatoes peel and grate them.Squeeze the potatoes to juice.
  • Then Dip cotton balls in the potato juice and put them on the eyes for 15-20 minutes.
  • Remove the cotton balls and wash your face with cold water.


  • Peel two potatoes. Cut them into small pieces and grind them
  • Get two pieces clean clothes. Place the potato paste in the clothes
  • Place clothes with grind potato on your eyes.
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes
  • Remove the clothes and wash your face with cold water.


Gently Massaging your Eyes with your Hands

massage eye for eye puffiness

It is the easiest way to reduce eye puffiness. Under the eye, puffiness is caused by extra fluids which get trapped in the skin around our eye. When you gently massage the area around the eyes, Massaging the eyes helps to displace the fluid that is trapped under the eyes. Here’s how to remove eye bags by massaging your eye



  • Get to a comfortable position and close your eye
  • Use your ring finger and lightly press lower part your eyes
  • Make an arc shape movement by moving your finger from the outside corner to the inside corner of your eye
  • Massage your eyes for 20-25 rounds.
  • Repeat these steps and do it to the other eye too.

Make it your habit that every morning you massage your eyes


Use  Salt and Hot Water

Water and salt cure for dark circles


It is one of the simple tips on how to remove eye bags quick. You will only need 2 ingredients that can be found in your kitchen and are used for cooking. With water and salt, you can now easily gain your amazing eyes back. Just follow these simple instructions:





  • Get a hot water in a glass or bowl. Make sure that’s the water not too hot.
  • Mix it with 1 table spoon of salt properly
  • Then, Dip the two cotton balls in the bowl warm water.
  • Put the cotton balls gently to your eyes several minutes.
  • You can repeat the process for each 30 minutes

Milk to the Rescue


Milk is an effective remedy to get rid of eye puffiness. The lauric acid, astringent properties, and vitamins found in milk can relieve the puffiness and naturally lighten the skin under eyes. Milk can provide cooling effects to reduce the stress. It is, also believed to help eyes in the water retention and reduce your eye bag size fast. To use milk for the eye bags, simply follow these steps:


  • Get the milk and pour into a bowl and get cotton pads
  • Now, Dip 2 cotton pads in a little amount of chilled milk.
  • Place these cotton pads on the eyelids.
  • Let them sit there and relax for about 20 to 30 minutes

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