Food and Tips Prevent Hair Loss

Food and Tips Prevent Hair Loss

how to prevent hair loss

Are you having problems with hair fall and you can’t afford expensive hair loss treatment? You’re in the right place cause I will teach you quick tips that will make your hair loss problem go away. Almost 80 million of peoples experience hair fall as they age. Some causes of the hair loss are aging, diabetes, stress, lack of sleep, lack of sleep and autoimmune disorders.Here are some tips on how to prevent hair loss:




Tips on How to Prevent Hair Loss

1. Aloe Vera

hair loss prevention


Aloe vera is rich in enzymes that help promotes hair growth. You can apply aloe vera gel or juice to your scalp and have a one teaspoon aloe vera juice on an empty stomach can help induce hair growth.



2. Beetroot Juice

beetroot for hairlossBeetroot juice starting to build up its popularity as one of the super foods. Studies claim that beetroot juice can help improve blood circulation, increase stamina, lower blood pressure and improves hair growth. Beetroot is can also help to complete nutritional deficiency which can cause hair loss.Make sure to include this to your regular diet and fight your hair loss problem



3. Curd Paste and Egg White

hair growth- egg


You may think it is gross but curd paste and egg white can help you on how to prevent hair loss. Get two eggs and put it in a bowl. Put two tablespoons of curd paste and mix it. Apply it to your scalp and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse your hair with water



4. Green Tea

green tea for hair fall

Green tea stimulates hair growth and restores hair follicles. It also helps you enhance your metabolism which increases hair growth rate. Just use green tea to condition and you will notice the changes in your hair.




5. Neem Leaves

hair growth using neem leaves


Neem leaves is a herb with a lot of medicinal properties and are effective on how to prevent hair loss. Grind the neem leaves and then boil it till it becomes paste like consistency. Apply the paste to your hair scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes then rinse your scalp and hair with water.



Foods that Prevent Hair Loss and Increase Hair Growth

1. Carrot

carrot- food for hair growth

It is not only good for our eyes, Just like dairy products and eggs, carrots also good for hair loss. It is rich in Vitamin A which helps the production of healthy sebum for our scalp. Carrots will make your hair shiny and healthy




2. Fish

Fish- how to grow hair


Fish is rich in protein which is an important nutrient to have a healthy hair. Tuna, cod, mackerel, and salmon are all good source of protein. They also come with other health benefits like Omega 3. That’s why fish is a good food source that helps prevent hair fall.



3. Shrimp

Shrimp food that help prevent hair fall


Food like shrimp that has high zinc content is important to prevent hair loss. Increase the intake of zinc will help you prevent your hair loss. The amount recommended daily (RDA) is 11 mg if you want to use it to prevent your hair fall

4. Nuts

whole grains to regrow hair naturally


Add more Nuts like peanuts, almonds, and walnuts in our diet will help us prevent hair fall. Nuts also contain fatty acids ( Omega 3) that help to condition our hair. Nuts are also a good source of zinc which is good to prevent hair fall.



5. Whole Grains

Foods that help hair growth naturally


Whole grains have plenty of nutrients that will help prevent your hair loss. Foods like cereals, whole wheat are rich in Vitamin B7. Whole grain will help prevent hair fall while suppressing the formation of gray hair.



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